Master ControlEdit

The most main building is the Master Control.This place is the central control room building for the base and the storage Location of ROM.You can choose from the following options:Move it, Paint it, Upgrade it, or you can also access the Builder from there.Here is a few pics on the right


Data ArchiveEdit

Next up is the Data Archive, This building allows you to store and analyze data that you extract from hard drives, Makes you discover the world more around you, as well as shows you the progress of your chapter, also shows you the Data Report.Here is a pic of it on the right:

Data Archive


The second most important building in the game is the Teleportal, it allows you to transport to other complexes to gather resources and find new equipment to upgrade your base and robots.There are also more options availabe after you click this, Umnanned Robot Missions:Are missions that send your robot automically to gather resources.It also shows your current robot in the top left.


Robotics FactoryEdit

This building allows you to research and manifacture stronger and new chasis and mobilites for your robot.Upgrading your chasis allows you to upgrade multiple weapons or new item types while upgrading you mobility increases what your robot can carry.

Robotics factory

Armor FactoryEdit

Allows you to manufacture and research powerful and strong armor for your robots, protect your robots against the multiple threads by customizing your defenses against various weapon types.

Armor factory

Weapon FactoryEdit

Allows you to research and manufacture new and powerful weapons for your robot.Create a variety of weapons from a high powered long bow gun to a firebug that sets enemy robots ablaze.

Weapon factory